11 Oct

Although the term is relatively unfamiliar to many people, especially those who aren't in the medical field, the fact is platelet rich plasma therapy has been in use since the 90s. It is defined as an injection procedure where PRP or platelet rich plasma is utilized for its therapeutic effects. Simply put, it helps in healing and is widely accepted in several fields of medicine, including dentistry, dermatology, and orthopedics, among others.

Whenever there is an injury concerning the body's soft tissue, the natural response would be to deliver platelet cells to the injured soft tissues. Platelets in general come equipped with growth and healing factors, which is why they are used to help in fixing stem cells.  Get vitamin injections here!

The procedure begins by taking a sample of the blood from the patient, and this sample will be placed in a centrifuge. A process will be carried out, the purpose of which is to separate the platelets from the other components naturally found in blood. The PRP will contain not just various growth factors but also cytokines that are responsible for healing the soft tissues faster. Here are some of the ways that PRP therapy can benefit you:

1 - In the field of dermatology, PRP therapy is utilized for certain procedures like face rejuvenation and improving skin texture. As of late, it also has been used for several cosmetic enhancements, most notably smoothing lines and removing wrinkles.

2 - The same therapy is currently being used for specific clinical applications like in cardiac muscle injury treatment, colorectal surgery, and nerve injury.

3 - Perhaps the most popular use of PRP therapy and where it is in great demand is for the treatment of acute sports injuries such as ligament and muscle injuries, pulled hamstring, and knee sprains. In fact, this procedure is widely used by professional athletes.

4 - Furthermore, platelet rich plasma therapy is also proven to be effective in the treatment of chronic tendon injuries, more particularly tennis elbow, or an injury to the outside part of the elbow. Accordingly, there have been countless cases of successful treatment using the procedure for bone rejuvenation and repair. Get prescription appetite suppressants here!

5 - If you have been suffering from osteoarthritis, then you might want to seriously consider PRP therapy, too. If you don't know it yet, the process is used in the treatment of this very common condition, wherein PRP is directly injected into the affected joint, thereby reducing pain in the knee and in the process improving joint function. It also is thought to slow down cartilage damage.

Probably the most interesting thing about PRP therapy is the fact that it is non-invasive. Although there still are injections involved, it is obviously a lot more convenient than surgery.

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